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Everything you need to reward excellence!

What if you could implement a management system that makes it easier for you to run awards competitions and properly recognise excellence?
Oh and generate revenue too!



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Management systems for awards competitions and excellence recognition programs

Whether you already run awards programs and are looking for an easier system and efficiency improvements?
You’re new to awards programs and want to find out more about the easiest system in the market.

We have the system for you with our partner ‘Acclaim Works’.

Official Australian Partner.

Relied on by people who run awards programs

  • Any sized awards competition or excellence recognition program – domestic or international.
  • Easy and quick to setup with minimal lead-times and maximum flexibility.
  • Everything in one web-based service that integrates easily with your current website, no specialist skills necessary.
  • Global support and web-based training.
  • Simple pricing.

Loved by people who enter awards programs

  • Single or simultaneous multiple category entry.
  • 100% seamless digital exhibit management for entry materials.
  • Barcoded labels and asset management for entry materials shipped in.
  • Seamless credit card checkout for entry fees and additional items or invoice for later payment.
  • Easy to revise entries right up until entry deadline.

Making it easier to run awards competitions and excellence recognition programs.

Everything you need to run an amazing awards competition or excellence recognition program all on the web. Our platform seamlessly connects marketing, entry submissions, multi-round scoring, results processing, and status and business reporting for all awards competitions and excellence recognition activity.

Why use an awards platform

It doesn’t take a genius to recognise that when you seek to acknowledge excellence, you need the support of a proven management system that will effectively showcase your NFPs/Associations award competitions.

That is why we have purposefully created our awards platform to enable you to ENGAGE with your members, HIGHLIGHT their successes and work, and generate an ADDITIONAL REVENUE free from stress.

You can find everything you need to launch an awards competition, as it is neatly contained within one easy to setup web-based service that can easily integrate into your existing website. No specialist skills are needed as the platform will manage it all for you!

Imagine… minimal lead times… maximum flexibility… peace of mind.

Managing an awards competition couldn’t be easier!

And for those who enter, they can enjoy single or simultaneous category entry as well as seamless management of their entry materials.

So get in touch with us today and discover how you too can award excellence with ease, and manage competitions with simplicity and style.

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