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Is your fundraising hitting the mark?

Have you assessed your donor experience and looked at your donor journey?

Need a fundraising strategy for your team with appropriate campaign planning, templates and strategies that deliver revenue?

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Whether it’s the assessment of the right donor platform for your needs or the design of a fund raising page, we assess your donor experience and journey and offer easy to use ‘plug in and play’ solutions that your team can implement – with appropriate campaign planning, templates and strategies that deliver revenue.

Fundraising tools

Ideal for small to medium sized NFPs looking for fundraising tools that
provide structure to processes,
generates awareness,
convert leads
and engage your donors.


Need assistance with your Grant Applications.

Whilst not our area of expertise, we know people that can help you.

Advance Association Management partners with leaders in the industry to deliver support and advice to non-profit organisations and industry associations applying for grants.

Call us for a brief discussion of your needs and we’ll introduce you to the right people that can help and guide you through your grant application.

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